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Jun 22,  · I have the hulu plus app on my ipad 2, iphone 4 and iphone 4S. I can see video and hear audio when I use Hulu plus with airplay with my ipad 2 but can only hear audio with my iphone 4 and iphone 4S, no video. Is this a function of the tv show (copyright issue that I've read a little about on here), Hulu, ATV or the iphone 4 or 4S? Jan 09,  · Again, I just want to be sure. Are you trying to stream video from the iOS Hulu app to an Apple TV or just to an AirPort Express base station? Interestingly, I just checked at the Hulu support site and it appears a number of folks are having difficulties with streaming video with the latest release of Hulu Plus. Apple, however, was apparently forced to remove some functionalities and some content providers decided to exclude AirPlay’s streaming support from their apps. First off, Hulu Plus and Netflix won’t AirPlay. The Apple TV comes with native Netflix integration anyway, so it’s nothing to worry about – unless you really are that kind of user who wanted to start watching a Netflix movie on the iPhone or iPad .

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On my TV. Without Hulu Plus. Apple's Mountain Lion operating system is packed with improvements, but home theater enthusiasts have been patiently waiting for one feature in particular: AirPlay mirroring.

That's because AirPlay mirroring solves the question I'm most often asked: how do I stream any Web video from a laptop hulu plus ios airplay to your TV, wirelessly? How easy is it? The basic process of getting AirPlay mirroring working is simple.

Turn on AirPlay mirroring and your desktop will be displayed on your TV -- that's it. You may run into some quirks, depending on the settings on your laptop and your TV. In my first run through, audio would only play through my laptop, so I had go into System Preferences, then Sound, and set the output to the Apple TV. Apparently this hasn't been the case for everyone. Furthermore, to get videos to display full-screen on my TV without black bars, I had to tweak a few hulu plus ios airplay. And in Display preferences, choose "Best for AirPlay" and uncheck the box that says "Overscan correction.

What can I watch? The short answer is anything you can watch on your computer, hulu plus ios airplay. The more pertinent question is what's worth watching. TV, since those services are easy to use without messing with a separate computer. Many networks offer free streaming for full episodes of their TV shows. How does it look? As always, performance is going to be heavily dependent on both your broadband connection and your home network.

In our lab conditions, video performance was good, although it's heavily dependent on the source. Free content from Hulu looked pretty good at the highest-quality settings, while the first episode of "Breaking Bad" on AMC looked considerably worse. The vast majority of content falls under the umbrella of "watchable"; it's not as good as HD Netflix content and there's certainly eye candy, but it's not so bad you don't want to watch, hulu plus ios airplay. Lackluster source quality isn't AirPlay mirroring's fault, but be forewarned that not all Web content looks great blown up on your TV.

So what's the big deal? Hulu plus ios airplay mirroring isn't the first solution to this problem, but it's the best I've seen. Veebeam and Intel Wireless Display tried to do the same thing, but they each had their own set of problems: difficult setup, limited adoption, and pricey accessories.

And while you can already do this with any old laptop and an HDMI cable running your TV, AirPlay's wireless implementation is a much better experience. AirPlay screen mirroring has also been available on newer iPhones and iPads for some time, but many of the best apps such as HBO Go have blocked video streaming.

And those iOS devices don't support Flash video, hulu plus ios airplay. On the Mac, both of those restrictions go away. I'll be spending more hulu plus ios airplay with AirPlay mirroring over the next few days and updating CNET's Apple TV review, but my impression is that AirPlay mirroring is another killer feature for anyone invested in Apple's ecosystem.

And it's likely to become one of the most important tools for cord-cutters looking to ditch cable in favor of free content on the Web.


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hulu plus ios airplay


Jul 25,  · Without Hulu Plus. Apple's Mountain Lion operating system is packed with improvements, but home theater enthusiasts have been patiently waiting for one feature in particular: AirPlay mirroring. Method 3 AirPlay (iPhone, HTC Devices) While in the Hulu app on your iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of the display to reveal the Control Center. Tap "AirPlay Mirroring," then choose your Apple TV. If a passcode appears on your TV screen, make sure to input that into the spot on your iPhone to continue. Sep 13,  · Buy Wireless Wifi Display Dongle, HDMI P Digital TV Receiver Adapter, Support Chrome browser, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, IDMB, Quickflix, Miracast Airplay DLNA TV Stick for Android/ Mac/ iOS / Windows: Connectors & Adapters - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases/5(96).