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Net Nanny ® is the leading Internet filter and porn blocking software, used and trusted by millions of families since With Net Nanny’s Family Feed, you can now have visibility into your child’s smartphone use and can easily view how they’re using their devices. Net Nanny offers the best Web filtering features of any parental control program, and it’s a bargain if you have only one Android device to control. Parents looking to retain some control over a. The Net Nanny ® Family Protection Pass Provides App and Internet Protection for Your Entire Family. The Net Nanny ® Family Protection Pass is a software bundle that allows you to get award-winning screen time monitoring and Internet protection for every device in your household at one low cost. For as little as 37 cents per device per month with the Family Protection Passes for 20 devices.

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Net Nanny has been an industry leader in parental control software for more than two decades. The downside is that it can be expensive and can be antiquated compared to some of the newer offerings. You can sign up for Net Nanny here. Net Nanny falls into the more expensive category for parental control solutions. Charging per device can rapidly increase the cost, particularly when many people own multiple devices, net nanny smartphone. From blocking dangerous or adult sites to filtering out profanity while still displaying the rest of the page, Net Nanny does it all.

Other parental control solutions may offer some of these features, but few have such a complete range of products. With Net Nanny, all you need is an internet connection to adjust settings, change access schedules or approve a website.

Any changes you make filter down to all connected devices within one minute. Using a computer or the app from your smartphone, you can make changes as needed, at home or on the go. As a cloud-based system, Net Nanny offers remote access to your account through any device running on a compatible operating system. This includes most PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, net nanny smartphone. As long as you have an internet connection, you can log in to the management portal and make changes to settings and schedules.

With most cyberbullying happening through social media channels, it makes sense to prioritize this particular feature. Net Nanny offers a Social package that focuses solely on social media monitoring for an additional fee. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Getting started with Net Nanny is quick and easy. The installation wizard walks you through the process of installing the monitoring software locally on your computer and helps you set up profiles and accounts for each family member.

Once you have the basics set up on your computer, you can also install the app on individual devices. Have your kids download the app onto their phones and tablets. You can let Net Nanny know which device goes with which profile to start monitoring. With any good software, the features are really what makes the difference. Net Nanny offers a comprehensive list of features that let you customize internet access for your family. From scheduling to filtering, Net Nanny does net nanny smartphone all.

With Net Nanny, net nanny smartphone, you can block internet activity during school hours or after bedtime. You can also set net nanny smartphone for cumulative internet use. For example, net nanny smartphone, if your house rule is no more than 10 hours online each week, Net Nanny will track individual usage and automatically cut off access once a user reaches 10 hours.

The option to add social media monitoring is another big plus. By tracking activity and seeing conversations as they happen, Net Nanny lets you respond in real time net nanny smartphone real net nanny smartphone. Net Nanny consistently gets excellent ratings from software reviewers. The granular filtering options and flexibility offered through the Net Nanny suite make it a top contender when comparing parental control software.

Like all of the best parental control platforms, net nanny smartphone, it has its fair share of negative reviews, mainly from kids. In fact, the better the software works, the lower you should expect the reviews to be. After all, there are more children complaining than there are parents offering a thumbs up. The only area where Net Nanny has some work to do is for iOS. While they offer an app through Apple, the functionality leaves a lot to be desired. The Android app delivers on most of the promises made to PC users, and with the option to buy the app at a much-reduced price point.

NetNanny delivers consistent quality and a very comprehensive set of features. Selecting a parental control software can be difficult. Others send out notifications to you and your children whenever net nanny smartphone try to visit a blocked site. Net Nanny lets you block everything from pornography to anime, so you can be very specific about what is and is not allowed. If you have tech-savvy kids who find workarounds to other parental control options, you might want to give Net Nanny a try.

Instead of working through your existing browsers, Net Nanny blocks all other browsers and only lets kids use their proprietary option, net nanny smartphone. The result is easy online monitoring that includes both activity logs and scheduling.

Depending on the number of devices you need to monitor, Net Nanny can be a very affordable option that offers maximum coverage and some nifty features. The ability to continue to display page content while only blocking profanity is helpful for you and the kids. Adding social media monitoring is another big bonus, net nanny smartphone, particularly since you only pay once for the service, not per account.

Prev Overall. Net Nanny. The Good 18 filter categories Instant text messaging notifications for flagged activity Automatic summary reporting on Internet activity.

The Bad Social media monitoring sold separately Can get very expensive for net nanny smartphone devices. Features Internet filter Pornography blocking Time management Profanity masking Alerts and reporting Remote administration. Remote Access. Remote Access Remote management Remote reporting Remote administrative login. Supported Devices. Social Media Monitoring, net nanny smartphone.

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Net Nanny offers the best Web filtering features of any parental control program, and it’s a bargain if you have only one Android device to control. Parents looking to retain some control over a. Net Nanny ® keeps kids safe from viewing adult content while allowing them to browse online safely. Learn More Use Net Nanny’s top-rated porn blocker and . Net Nanny has been an industry leader in parental control software for more than two decades. The extensive reporting options and customizable filters allow you to exert just the right amount of control over your child’s online activity.