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Dec 19,  · Samsung Galaxy Camera: Features. In addition to still image capture the Galaxy also offers p Full HD video capture at 30fps. On the front of the Galaxy you’ll find a 21x optical zoom that provides the 35mm equivalent of mm. This puts the Galaxy on the same optical footing as many travel compacts, such as the Lumix TZ30, Sony HX20V, Author: Paul Nuttall. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Samsung Galaxy Camera 16 MP EK-GCVRAMC4, 21 x OpticalZoom, 23mm Wide Zoom Lens, Android(TM) , Jelly Bean at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5(25). Feb 06,  · The Samsung Galaxy Camera might not be the first Android-powered camera on the market -- Polaroid showed a prototype camera running on the Android operating system at CES and Nikon launched the Coolpix Sc, a compact camera running Android , in August this year. However, in contrast to.

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Samsung brings to bear the full force of its extensive experience in Android phones and tablets, unleashing a smart digital camera that shares much with its recent flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III, samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review. Size, cost, image quality, and a rather limited feature set prove areas of concern for this otherwise impressive device. Powerful zoom lens; Fast processor; Huge and bright display; Modern Android operating system; Vast selection of available apps.

Both carriers also charge for a data plan; the amount charged will depend on your contract terms. Unlocked phones are also available in some markets, but do not appear to be sold officially in the USA.

Samsung has considerable expertise when it comes to building smartphones samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review tablets on samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review Android OS platform, so it was inevitable that the company would bring its Android know-how to a full-fledged digital camera, samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review.

As for its photo-taking capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy Camera far outpaces what's offered in your typical smartphone, providing a But what may be most exciting about the Samsung Galaxy Camera is its ability to save and share your photos to the cloud and on your social networks the moment you take them, via the Auto Cloud Backup and Share Shot feature. Like any Android-based device, the Galaxy Camera lets your browse the web and download a host of apps for both work and play.

It comes with both Google's Play store, samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review, and Samsung's S Suggest application, the latter of which lists Samsung-recommended apps for your device, but hands off to Google Play itself for app installation, samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review.

The Galaxy Samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review comes with built-in memory -- the amount varies depending on your version, with 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB variants available -- and of course you can also add more.

All the onboard computing is supported by a 1. Many of the Samsung Galaxy Camera's features are aimed at making it easier for photo novices to take, edit and manage pictures with ease. The Samsung Galaxy Camera's Smart Pro mode -- analogous to the Scene mode found on many cameras -- has 15 different options that configure the camera appropriately for preset photographic scenarios, ranging from Macro to Action Freeze.

Over 50 in-camera editing features in Photo Wizard mode allow for on-the-go picture enhancements, and several of these use face detection algorithms to identify your subject and apply corrections just to their face without affecting the rest of their scene. Unlike many smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Camera has a removable battery and a tripod socket. There are also some subtle differences depending upon whether you buy an unlocked camera, or a version specific to a certain wireless carrier.

Click on the Play button below to check it out! If you like pumped-up images, you'll like the Galaxy Camera. It tends towards strong saturation and contrast; see our Nikon Sc review for a more realistic rendering shot at the same time. When late last year Nikon announced its Coolpix Sc, a model which I recently reviewedI was intrigued. After Samsung followed up just a week later with an Android-based camera of its own, I was doubly so.

As I said in my review of the Nikon, I live in an Android household with four Android tablets and three smartphones, some stock and others running rooted or third-party firmware, and together spanning every release from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean 4.

I'm a self-proclaimed Android nut, and I'm thrilled by the potential of a camera with a full-blown operating system and expansive app ecosystem. While Nikon's model was interesting as the first mainstream Android camera, Samsung's was more exciting for samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review use of a much more modern Android variant, especially given the company's significant experience in making Android smartphones, tablets, and "phablets" devices which sit halfway between the size of phones and standard tablets.

As with Nikon's camera, while the Samsung Galaxy Camera is certainly interesting to Android fans, it has some drawbacks that are likely to prove off-putting to the typical Imaging Resource reader, and for that reason this review will be rather more abbreviated than typical for a device of this complexity. Summing things up briefly, for a camera of its price and size the Galaxy Camera didn't offer the image quality we'd expect.

It also had some performance issues, and its user interface -- while certainly glossy -- was somewhat clumsy.

Hence the abbreviated review. It has to be to fit in its mammoth 4. Even when compared to an APS-C sensor-based camera like Samsung's own NX, the Galaxy Camera is larger in both width and height by some margin, and at the hand grip it's not a lot slimmer than its large sensor sibling. The Galaxy Camera's feature set can feel limiting.

Here, the metered shot turned out unusable -- but did exposure bracketing save me? No, because it has a fixed 1EV step size, giving a choice of a slightly overexposed, blurred shot where the camera chose too slow a shutter speed, or one that's rather underexposed shown. It's not just a large camera, either. The Samsung Galaxy Camera is heavier than the typical compact by a fair margin, weighing half as much again more than the NX body-only. Of course, you have to account for the lens, samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review, and when you do its clear that the Galaxy Camera still has a significant size advantage over a large sensor camera plus the selection of lenses required to replicate its powerful 21x optical zoom lens.

And its weight is about the same as the NX with a prime lens mounted. One thing struck me as rather odd, given the GC's size and weight, however. Samsung has chosen to use a MicroSD card slot in the Galaxy, rather than the much more common full-sized SD card slot.

This, perhaps, samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review, is a tip of the hat to the company's experience in Android smartphones, where the tiny MicroSD cards make sense.

In such a large camera as this, a flash card which would be dwarfed by a postage stamp seems bizarre, though, and it meant I had to rely on an adapter to get images off the Galaxy Camera via my laptop's built-in card reader. I rarely tether cameras via USB -- my life is already packed with plenty enough cables to have me avoid them where I can.

Still, this is a camera that emphasizes wireless sharing, and one which allows a significant degree of image editing without the need to rely on your computer, as well.

It's perfectly possible you'll insert the flash card and never need to take it back out, especially given the reasonably generous internal memory. Upon starting up the Galaxy Camera, I was pleased to see the recent Jelly Bean operating system in use, rather than the dated Gingerbread version used by Nikon. It was also immediately clear that this was a much more powerful camera in terms of its hardware, samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review. The screen is exceptionally roomy, bright, and very colorful.

It's especially noticeable on text, making reading a less pleasant experience than you'd think given the dot count. On the plus side, though, the extra white pixels samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review the display give it good daylight visibility, and Samsung's oleophobic coating on the display protects it from fingerprints very nicely.

You can still smudge it if you press hard, but given the screen's high touch sensitivity it's very possible to interact with the Samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review Camera without adding noticeable fingerprint smudges at all.

In all, the LCD offers a much more pleasant experience than the small, dim, fingerprint magnet that is offered on the competing Nikon camera.

It's also nice to know that the Galaxy Camera screen is protected by Corning's Gorilla Glass, which while definitely not shatterproof or scratchproof -- no glass can make that claim -- is certainly much more resistant to both issues than is standard glass or polycarbonate.

The Samsung EK-GC's large screen makes using Android a much more attractive proposition -- especially interacting with the onscreen keyboard. Controls and buttons are larger and easier to press, and your images and movies visible with much greater detail. Even if you're familiar with Android, though, there may be quite a learning curve if you've not used a Samsung device before.

That's because it includes TouchWiz, Samsung's overlay to Android as seen on the company's smartphones. While TouchWiz is nice in some respects I especially appreciated the quickly-accessed controls for the camera's radios and so forth from the pull-down notification blindit was equally frustrating in others.

I found it especially confusing that the navigation bar sometimes vanishes, and controls such as the Home button instead migrate into an app's interface. Whenever this happened, I inevitably spent several seconds trying to remember where the button had gone, because my other Android devices have taught me that it never moves.

Compared to a smartphone, samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review, image quality was pretty good. Compared to other cameras of its size and price, though, the Galaxy Camera doesn't do so well. Even at base sensitivity, you can see the effects of noise reduction on subtle details.

There's also quite a bit of preinstalled software or bloatware, depending on how you look at it. Some of these were quite useful, but others arguably less so.

Unlike Gingerbread, the Jelly Bean operating system does allow you to permanently disable some of these, though, samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review. You won't get back the storage space they consume, but you'll prevent them wasting system resources and samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review it harder to find the apps you're searching for in the app drawer. On balance, though, I found I wasn't a fan of TouchWiz, and I would've preferred a completely stock Android experience.

Putting aside its imaging performance and considering it as an Android smart device, the Samsung GC is commendably swift. The user interface is for the most part very responsive, with only occasional slowdowns. Apps load quickly, and perform well -- even games. The Galaxy Camera is not only up to simpler games like Angry Birds or Temple Run, it even handles more graphically intensive fare like Beach Buggy Blitz with only reasonably modest frame drops.

Sadly, the selection of apps available for the Galaxy Camera is limited a bit simply because developers aren't familiar with device. Apps which would almost certainly run without issue, such as Real Racing 3, are nowhere to be found in the market. If you can download them on another device you may be able to sideload them, but for most users that won't be feasible.

And of course, as with Sc, if you use processor-intensive games and apps a lot, the battery life will be impacted -- but you can change the battery, unlike many smartphones. And unlike the Sc, you can also continue to use the Galaxy Camera while charging, so if a power point is convenient you can game without battery-induced guilt.

Since it offers a full-blown operating system -- and since we did so in our review of the Nikon Sc -- it seems appropriate to run a few benchmarks, so you can compare performance to your own smartphone, or to reviews of other phone and tablet hardware.

As results vary somewhat, I samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review each test a couple of times to get a feel for the variance. I've included the Nikon Sc's results for comparison purposes. Note that since GLBenchmark has been updated since the Sc review was published, I've had to use the newer version which no longer offers the non-HD Egypt tests, nor the battery test.

I tried AnTuTu battery test as an alternative, but the Samsung GC spontaneously shut down mid-test, perhaps due to a temperature threshold. I also tried to add the HD Egypt tests for the Sc, but they will not run on that camera. The results are much the same as you'd expect from a high-end, samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review, modern smartphone. Not an absolutely top-of-the-line one, mind you, but one from the previous generation. The Exynos 4 Quad 1. So essentially you have the same processor and graphics hardware as in what was, until fairly recently, Samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review flagship smartphone and tablet.

Add in a Jelly Bean operating system, and the net result is a device which is much more powerful and responsive than its rival, the Nikon Sc. It also seemed much more stable to me. Where the Nikon fairly regularly showed app crashes and strange behavior, and once locked up on me entirely, the GC was near-perfectly reliable. I did see one weird glitch -- after installing an app, the notification telling me installation was under way never cleared and couldn't be manually cleared without rebooting -- but the reboot fixed the problem and I never saw it happen again.

The Galaxy Camera also struck me as a lot less limited by its hardware than the Sc. There's a headphone jack, samsung galaxy camera ek-gc120 review, for one thing, so you can listen to music or the audio portion of videos and games on your headphones, rather than disturbing everyone around you. Unlike the Nikon, the Galaxy Camera's compass also worked in every app I tried, and even augmented reality apps such as Layar and Wikitude worked just fine.

Although apps which use the camera do seem to rack the lens in and out quite a bit, and seemingly at random. And unlike the Nikon, using third-party camera apps is a sensible proposition on the Galaxy Camera. Nikon's model artificially limits the image resolution available to third party camera apps, and the optical zoom also wouldn't work in any app I tried. With the Samsung, though, the full resolution was available and the optical zoom worked just fine in apps like Camera MX.

In fact, the only thing I could find that didn't seem to work correctly in third-party apps was touch-focus.


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Mar 23,  · The Samsung GC Galaxy Camera (Verizon) combines the optics of a superior point-and-shoot digital camera with the brains and features of Android , Jelly Bean and Verizon 4G LTE data connectivity so you can easily shoot, share, and edit images all on one device/5(26). Dec 19,  · Samsung Galaxy Camera: Features. In addition to still image capture the Galaxy also offers p Full HD video capture at 30fps. On the front of the Galaxy you’ll find a 21x optical zoom that provides the 35mm equivalent of mm. This puts the Galaxy on the same optical footing as many travel compacts, such as the Lumix TZ30, Sony HX20V, Author: Paul Nuttall. Chromatic Aberration. Macro: The Samsung Galaxy Camera's Macro mode captures fairly sharp, well-defined detail, with a small amount of blurring in the corners (a common limitation among consumer digital cameras in macro mode). Minimum coverage area is Full model name: Samsung Galaxy Camera.